I am sure many of you can relate to having had plans, goals or projects that just didn’t go anywhere despite your very best intentions!

The ideas behind them were solid and exciting and a dead cert for success, and yet that’s all they will ever be.


I’m going down the garden to eat worms.

How many of you feel that you are making all the effort at work, without any thanks or recompense?

I believe that there are a lot of you.

You take your work very seriously, accept numerous tasks that are over and above your job description and try to satisfy the…

Many of us spend the winter months counting the days down to summer. We bitch and complain our way through January and February, dreaming of the time when we can shed our layers and dive into the ocean.

Let’s face it, there is…

Tiffany Barnard

Hi! I am a Personal Development Coach and I help people make the changes in their life to give them the balance they need to fulfil their potential & be happy!

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